An Education Packet is available from the Dana-Thomas House for use in classrooms. The packet contains CD (PowerPoint) and narrative to accompany the photos and is available in elementary, intermediate or high school levels of design and content. Only school groups with reservations to tour the Dana-Thomas House may check out the materials. Please call (217) 782-6773 to schedule an appointment for tours.

The Education Packet is divided into three units covering Frank Lloyd Wright, the Dana-Thomas House, and the art glass designs of Wright. The materials are designed to serve as an introduction to Wright's work and the Dana-Thomas House, prior to visiting the site. The units are best presented in three separate lessons. However, other presentations, based on the needs of the audience, could also be designed. Users are free to copy any and all pages in the Education Packet. Some of the materials might be useful for follow-up activities after the visit.

Materials are to be returned to the desk in the Carriage House on the day of the visit. This is the same desk where visitors will check in and start the tour. We have a limited number of copies of the Education Packet for circulation. Educators using the packet should note that they are responsible for all the materials in the packet. If the contents are damaged or destroyed, there will be a $50 replacement fee charged.
To download Education Packets, please CLICK HERE.

To request the Education Packet and schedule a tour, please call or write:

Dana-Thomas House
301 E. Lawrence Avenue
Springfield, IL 62703

"In 1902 Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to undertake the design and construction of a massive renovation of the Lawrence family home in Springfield, Illinois. The home was to be more than a mere residence -- it was to be a showcase. Upon it's completion in 1904, the new edifice completely engulfed the original home. It immediately became a symbol of artistic and architectural excellence. It now stands as the finest example of the creativity and uniqueness characteristic of the Prairie School of Architecture. The architect - Frank Lloyd Wright - stands preeminent amongst the Prairie Period Architects."

From Governor James R. Thompson's Executive Order 83-4, August 23, 1983
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