Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, IL

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail was authorized by the state legislature in late April and announced officially by the Illinois Office of Tourism. Official Frank Lloyd Wright Trail signs will be posted throughout the state this summer, officials said. “The new trail celebrates Frank Lloyd Wright history and his connection

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Susan Lawrence Dana

Susan Lawrence (1862-1946), the woman who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902 to “remodel” her deceased father’s home in Springfield, Illinois, lived during a period in history when women were finding their voices and carving out new places in society. As the world changed around her, she assumed several names

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Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

Charles C. Thomas, Publisher The Dana House was purchased by Charles C. Thomas, Publisher in 1944 and thereafter referred to as Bannerstone House. The building was used as administrative offices by the publishing company. Little was changed during the Thomas ownership and great care was taken to safeguard the collection.

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