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Moon Children Fountain

The Moon Children Fountain is a terra cotta sculpture by Richard W. Boch. According to Boch, Marion Mahony took a small sketch that he had made of a “rising full moon with happy children’s figures” and expanded on it. Boch then refined the sculpture design further. The fountain is part of the grand reception hall space in the Dana-Thomas House.

Richard Bock

Richard W. Bock (1865-1949) was born in Schloppe, Germany. His family emigrated to Chicago in 1869. He received commissions to do all the sculpture work for the Mining Building and the Electricity Building at the Columbian Exposition. While working on the interior sculpture of the Schiller Theater Building in Chicago for Louis Sullivan, he first met Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition to the Flower in the Crannied Wall statue and Moonchildren Fountain at the Dana House, Bock also modeled the frieze for the Heller House and Husser House, Wise Bird (Stork) reliefs and Boulder statues for Wrights Oak Park Home & Studio.

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