Dana-Thomas House Neighborhood

Across the Street and Around the Corner — Zooming in on Susan Lawrence Dana’s Neighborhood What was Springfield like in the early 1900s? Who were the people who were Susan Dana’s neighbors on Lawrence and Fourth Streets? What was their impact on Springfield? Join the Dana-Thomas House Foundation presentation. Meet

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Education Packet

An Education Packet is available from the Dana-Thomas House for use in classrooms. The packet contains a PowerPoint and narrative to accompany the photos and is available in elementary, intermediate or high school levels of design and content. To download Education Packets, visit Click Here The Education Packet is divided

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Susan Lawrence Dana

Susan Lawrence (1862-1946), the woman who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902 to “remodel” her deceased father’s home in Springfield, Illinois, lived during a period in history when women were finding their voices and carving out new places in society. As the world changed around her, she assumed several names

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