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  1. REPLY
    Frank Warren says

    A very informative tour of a marvelous artwork and jewel of Springfield. It was fascinating and meaningful to learn about the architecture and history of the structure, how it was both a place of power and a refuge for the persecuted. My favorite Springfield tour.

    • REPLY
      Laure van Heijenoort says

      Kudos to Doris for a terrific tour on Thursday, 10/15 @ 3 pm

      • REPLY
        Regina says

        Laure, Thank You for the positive review. Glad you enjoyed your tour!

  2. REPLY
    Diane H Unger says

    Thank you for this evening’s program “Restored Wright” with Mike Jackson. When I worked as a copy editor at CCT Publisher for a year in the early ’70s, my desk was at the spot in the dining room where the photo was taken. The gallery served as our break room. I loved walking into that building every day. Thanks for the beautiful restoration, the photos and the memories!

    • REPLY
      Regina says

      Diane, so glad you enjoyed the program and for sharing your memories of the Thomas years.

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