• 08 Jun

    Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, IL

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Trail was authorized by the state legislature in late April and announced officially by the Illinois Office of Tourism. Official Frank

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  • 01 Jun

    Education Packet

    An Education Packet is available from the Dana-Thomas House for use in classrooms. The packet contains a PowerPoint and narrative to accompany the photos and

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  • DTH_076_SLD 25 May

    Dana-Thomas House Foundation – Media

    Flower in the Crannied Wall Susan Lawrence Dana and Her Artwork Presentation by By Dr. John Arthos University of Indiana Monday, June 4th at 7

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  • 26 Mar

    Dana-Thomas House Foundation

    The purpose of the Dana-Thomas House Foundation is to promote citizen awareness of the architectural significance of the Frank Lloyd Wright Dana-Thomas House Historic Site

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  • 10 Mar

    About The House

    The Dana-Thomas House (DTH) was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1902 for Susan Lawrence Dana, a forward-thinking socialite living in Springfield, Illinois. The home,

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  • 20 Jul

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) revolutionized American domestic architecture. He was just thirty-five in 1902, the year he began design of

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